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Explore our beautifully simple (yet thoughtfully powerful) tools that automate operational HR tasks so you can get to the strategic activities and outcomes—like engagement, retention, and job satisfaction—that make a big impact.


Pi-HR is a one-stop, intuitive, simple to use and effective for managing the “People Basics” of any organization. Its ease of use and functionality will meet your expectations and show creativity in design and solutions. It is also customizable to suit different levels of expectations.

Employee Attendance

Attendance Report

Attendance reports can be generated on a monthly, weekly or daily basis and also with a simple command at any given time to the appropriate authority.


Attendance Track

Aside from regular digital attendance practices, PiHR solutions offers attendance through a mobile app which any employee can use. And the supervisor/Admin/HR can easily get the real-time location data from a reliable source.



Any company who are using PiHR solutions, they can easily calculate overtime within seconds as well as track the exact amount of OT to be paid for.



The companies who have roster duty system, can easily maintain by setting up shift hours, shifts between eligible employees, exchanging shifts and day offs, as well as assigning them the duty date and time.


Employee Leave

Leave Application

With our HR software, employees do not have to apply for leave through any manual process. If you have PiHR solutions, anyone from any organization can apply for leave from PiHR mobile app or web.


Leave Reliever

If anyone from company goes on leave, then he/she can assign a reliever and their details to complete his/her tasks for that period.


Leave Status

From PiHR solutions, any admin can easily look up each and every employee’s leave status, counts, replacements and many more data.


Multiple Leave Approver

From PiHR solutions, any admin/HR manager can easily assign multiple approvers who are needed to be informed and approve leave application of employees based on their work level within the company.


Employee Tracking

Tracking Schedules

Create the time schedules to track the employees.


Employee Monitoring

From this you can easily watch the last location and the tracking history of an employee. Tracking Enabled Employee: Just select the employees whom you want to track.


Employee Database

Basic Database

Every employee’s details must be recorded by the company. At PiHR solutions you can store all the information like Contact, email address, phone number, Blood group, Joining date, etc.


Attached Document

Within the software, any kind of soft copy like CV, Educational Certificates, etc. can be attached to the employee’s information list. Admin/HR can archive the documents according to their work process.


Employment History

There can be any number of employees in an organization. To be able to assign them to achieve better output from them, managers can keep a record of any employee’s previous job history.


Supervisor Selection

Supervisors/Managers play a vital role in a company’s performance. They are the ones primarily liable to ensure productivity. With our software, they can be assigned to duties in a more beneficial structure and also record their performance.


Employee Salary

Claim Application

Along with salary, employees claim for different convenience bill. With our software an employee now can claim from their convenience bill through mobile app or web application.


Claim Report

Where claims are concerned, they need to be verified before approval. Within software, the assigned authority can check the whole month’s claim report in 1 page and decide on them accordingly.


Salary pay slip

A salary payslip is needed for every employee. It is very easy to generate a payslip through PiHR solutions.


Salary Certificate

Salary certificate is an important part of any organization as well as for the employees. From PiHR solutions, you can easily create a customized salary certificate for any given employee within seconds.


Salary Generation

There are numerous employees in any given organization. Keeping track of all their leaves and such via emails can be quite a difficult task. And let’s not even get into the discussion of maintaining spreadsheets. Pi-HR allows you to effectively manage leaves of employees easily and efficiently.


Salary Payment With Bank or Cash

Salary can be disbursed by the bank, through cash or by cheque. Managers can easily choose any of the available options while disbursing.


Salary With Breakups

An organization can fabricate a salary structure with numerous breakups. Any breakup can be added or removed to the salary structure individually as well as centrally according to the salary policies.

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Free Tools & Resources

Our aim is to become the leading HR cloud solution in Bangladesh and we are dedicated to provide free tools to support employers in running their businesses productively.

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Explore our simply beautiful yet amusingly powerful tools that automate operational HR tasks to ensure that you get the strategic activities and desired outcomes—like engagement, retention, and job satisfaction—which can result a big impact.
You will get more features for Human Resource Management System by PIHR as per your need.